K39192 - Sureflap Sure Feed - With motion sensor
Waren-Nr.: 3045596

Sureflap Sure Feed - With motion sensor

The lid opens when your pet approaches the bowl. Your pet can access their food at any time. Your pet enjoys fresher food that is free of flies. Your pet can now live a healthier lifestyle. The lid closes onto the sealed bowl when your pet walks away. It stays shut until the next time your pet approaches. Introduce movement to the lid gradually. The training mode helps pets get used to the pet bowl in their own time
Smells are locked away in the covered bowl, keeping food fresher and stopping flies from entering your home.
Save money on pet food as wastage is kept to a minimum.
Customise your SureFeed product to suit your home and pet’s personality. Using colour also helps when you have multiple products to determine whose SureFeed is whose.

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Hersteller: Sureflap
Waren-Nr.: 3045596
Modell: K39192
EAN: 5060180391928

Zum Hersteller:

- Motion-activated lid - the Sealed Pet Bowl is not microchip or collar tag operated so it opens for any pet
- Suitable for both wet and dry food. Bowl capacity 400 ml or two pouches of wet food
- Keeps pet food smells locked away
- Colourful bowls available to purchase separately (1 x grey bowl included)
- Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and prevents wet food drying out, making it more palatable for your pet
- Prevents flies settling on your pet's food
- 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries - not included). A low battery indicator will flash when the batteries need changing
- 2-year warranty


  • K39248 - Sureflap SureFlap Edelstahlnapf-Set für Surefeed 32/92
    Sureflap SureFlap Edelstahlnapf-Set für Surefeed 32/92
    Bowls for K39132 and K39192, which are sealed feed bowls.

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