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Buffalo Wallet Case Leather 2-in-1 Black - Samsung A35 5G

Buffalo wallet is made of leather in Aniline First Layer quality. The leather is handmade in India and the product is designed in Sweden. It has three card slots and a banknote pocket. A magnetic buckle keeps the wallet closed. There are holes for the speaker for conversation with the closed bag. There is a hole for the finger to make it easier to take out a credit card. Your smartphone is protected in a magnetic cover that can also be taken out of the mobile case. On the back of the cover is the same exclusive buffalo leather.

This product is made of First Class premium leather (Full Grain). All our leather is handmade, and we carefully choose the best natural skin for our products. Signs of variations in color and in texture are evidence of the leather's natural beauty and it can develop over time. These features and patina are not wrong, and will not affect the durability of the product. We hope that these products will suit your needs and that you will enjoy them. Five-year warranty. Generally, the magnetic shell can make some phones not work together with induction chargers.

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