2204EPP - KitchenAid Toaster 5KMT2204EPP Artisan - Pebble Palm

KitchenAid Toaster 5KMT2204EPP Artisan - Pebble Palm

Toaster, 1250 W, 2 slices, autosensor with hot holding function. 7 griddle settings with LED countdown timer, sandwich function and sandwich holder and thaw function, Molded metal construction with extra wide grating slots to suit any type of bread, Pebble palm
The Artisan toaster provides the ultimate grilling experience: the auto sensor lowers and automatically lifts all kinds of toasted bread that is toasted after one of the 7 different grills. Countdown is done using a precise LED timer. As a thoughtful friend, the Artisan toaster also keeps your toast warm if called away. It also has a sandwich rack for toasting delicious non-drip sandwiches, as well as a bagel feature for perfect bagels and muffins. In addition, the four-slicer model has extra functionality with two independent pairs of grating slots to toast two or four writing loaves. If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then the Artisan toaster will be the heart of your kitchen.

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Hersteller: KitchenAid
Waren-Nr.: 2863816
Modell: 2204EPP
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