NC-GP-MP-005 - Nitro Concepts Deskmat 1600x800mm - Black

Nitro Concepts Deskmat 1600x800mm - Black

Mousepad, 1600 x 800 mm, black

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Hersteller: Nitro Concepts
Waren-Nr.: 2695522
Modell: NC-GP-MP-005
EAN: 4251442502591

Zum Hersteller:
ProduktbeschreibungNitro Concepts Deskmat DM16 - Tastatur und Mauspad
ProdukttypTastatur und Mauspad
ProduktmaterialGummi, Stoff
Abmessungen (Breite x Tiefe x Höhe)160 cm x 80 cm
Ausschlussklausel für BildfarbeDas dargestellte Bild des Produkts kann eine andere Farbe aufweisen


Produkttyp Tastatur und Mauspad
Produktmaterial Gummi, Stoff
Breite 160 cm
Tiefe 80 cm
Dicke 3 mm
Farbe Schwarz
Ausschlussklausel für Bildfarbe Das dargestellte Bild des Produkts kann eine andere Farbe aufweisen
Nitro Concepts is already renowned for their range of stylish gaming chairs, but the arrival of the Deskmat now gives users the option to add an iconic colour coordinated addition to their office desk as well. The large surface for keyboards and gaming mice offers a dynamic yet smart design that will match the rest of your setup perfectly for smart and uniform look.

The Nitro Concepts DM16 Deskmat offers a huge playing area of 160 x 80 cm and is designed to form the perfect base for your full-size keyboards and gaming mice. Aesthetically speaking, the gaming surface allows gamers to tie together the look of their overall desk setup - and thanks to the use of precisely crafted and woven materials, users will also enjoy the smoother mouse movement it brings.

The materials used are exceptionally durable and the stitched outer edges are not just for looks either, they also help prevent unwanted fraying of the 3 mm thick mat over time. The natural rubber anti-slip underlay of the mat surface makes sure that even in the heat of online competition, the surface stays exactly where you need it.

The DM16 Deskmat is available here in Black and Inferno Red and offers a striking and dynamic design with attractive red edges and Nitro Concepts logo. The mat coordinates especially well with gaming chairs in similar colours from Nitro Concepts as well as black-red setups generally.

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